I work as conference interpreter with German (A-language), English (B-language) and Italian (C-language) and can also organise interpreters for other European languages. We will be happy to interpret for you in the context of conventions, conferences, seminars, business negotiations, factory tours, court hearings, telephone conversations etc. Written translations of specialised texts, documents, manuals, business correspondence, to name but a few examples, are also available.

Depending on the type of event, conference interpreters use different techniques which we would like to explain to you:

Simultaneous interpreting

With the help of simultaneous interpreting equipment, the interpreter transfers what is being said whilst the speaker is speaking. This technique is advisable for large events such as conventions, conferences, seminars, etc. and/or when there are more than two working languages, for example in seminars or training courses. Simultaneous interpreters work in groups of two or three per language.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter transfers a speech into another language after the speaker has finished. Generally, no technical equipment is needed. This technique is normally used for events with a relatively small number of participants and with only two working languages. An example for such an event would be a seminar, a product presentation or a press conference.


Liaison interpreting

The interpreter transfers a few sentences or a paragraph at a time, between two or more speakers, in both directions. This interpreting technique is widely used in court, business negotiations or factory tours.

Whispering interpreting

There are two sub-types of whispering interpreting. If there is a maximum of two listeners, the interpreter will sit behind them, interpreting simultaneously and with a quiet voice. For tours, a microphone and receivers will be used. As this technique is extremely tiring, it is necessary to work with two interpreters. Whispering interpreting is only possible at events with a relatively small number of participants.

Organising interpreters

As organising interpreter I will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer for a team of interpreters and the necessary technical equipment. I will put together an ideal team of conference interpreters and will act as a mediator between the contractor and the team members. Should you require any additional language services before or after the conference, such as the translation of the conference programme, the organising interpreter will be there to help you. No matter whether you are looking for an individual interpreter, all-round service for interpreters and technical equipment or a translation, to receive a non-binding offer simply fill in our form.